We follow the recommended Art and Design programme of study from the Department of Education.

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A point and click colouring resource suitable for level A and B children learning about colour.

Silly Billy’s World

Silly Billy teaches primary children how to draw using the computer.

A Lifetime of Color

A fun and informative site for all ages. As well as hands-on art activities with tips on technique and style, there’s a useful study section on the principles of art. For teachers there are lesson plans

Inside Art: An Art History Game

Find out about the artist Van Gogh. Trish Fish, a colourful character, teaches children about this post-impressionist artist. 

The Art Detective

An original way to introduce pupils to a few of the great masters.
Be the ‘Art Detective’ and follow the ‘Art Adventure’ 
The likes of Raphael, Titian, Millet and Picasso will soon become familiar.